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Hi There! Varsha Here :)

I worked at Accenture before joining Honeywell as a product designer.
I received a bachelor's degree in communication design from Symbiosis International University (UX).

Throughout the project life cycle, I worked on a variety of cross-platform User Experience solutions and Research initiatives.

By conducting User Research, Interviewing, Usability Testing, Conceptual Models, Detailed Design, Prototyping, Qualitative and Quantitative Data Analysis, and Heuristic and Expert Reviews, I've delivered end-to-end design solutions for the 2D space, which is a web and mobile interface, as well as for the 3D space, which includes Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed reality.

I've been working directly with designers and product managers on product translation and usability testing, and I've found myself captivated by creating and fine-tuning a variety of user flows and delighted when getting feedback.

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