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Hey there, my name is Varsha.

I'm a product designer at Honeywell based in Bangalore. I enjoy creating user-centric and delightful human experiences.

Previously at Accenture


VR Mine

Buildings Health Tracker

Provides a holistic view of the building health including occupant flow, wellness, and density, monitors and supports social distancing, helps to improve air quality to effectively mitigate bacteria and virus spread, and provides real-time updates on spatial sanitation.

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Neuromuscular  VR Training

The current generation of elders has not exposed to technology much. But how can we create neuromuscular training in VR for them? Challenging indeed also we are talking about stroke-affected elders.

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AR Furniture App

An augmented reality app that is unique in its way, with innovative furniture shopping  features and capabilities that can benefit both investors and users.

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